We are the Marani People!


·       The origin country of Wine

·       Marvelous food and culture

·       Long and exciting history

·       A small and vulnerable country on the road towards democracy


These are the main reasons why we – a handful enthusiasts – has started the Swedish-Georgian wine club Marani (which means wine cellar in Georgia).

The catalyst is Giorgi Skhirtladze. He came to Sweden from Georgia in the early 2000.  He and his wife Linda are in the board of directors, as Mattias Knutsson, Lars-Håkan Ellenius, Inge Telander and myself.

The purpose of the club is to create awareness and knowledge about Georgian wine, food, culture, history and the modern Georgia. Via this homepage, facebook, twitter, wine and food events and perhaps also trips to Georgia. All in a non-profit organization.


How can you become a member in the Marani club?

Fill in a form on the homepage. The cost is 100 SEK. Then you will receive invitations to our events and the events we will have with our partners (Georgian Embassy , the Georgian sister wine club , the Georgian wine makers association and the famous brandy maker Sarajishvili).


Welcome to our club. Join the Marani People!


Merril Boman


© 2013 by Georgian wine club Marani